They have been equipped and they are ready for the new football season. These are the team medics who participated in the Eswatini Football Association (EFA) Medical Workshop that was perfectly executed on the past weekend. The facilitator was Dr. Thulani Ngwenya who is the FIFA, CAF, COSAFA, and SAFA Medical expert.

When officially closing the workshop, the General Secretary of the medical aspect in football.EFA, Mr. Frederick Mngomezulu urged the participants to fully utilized the information and experience that was shared by Dr. Thulani Ngwenya. “Real work starts now and the sky is the limit”, Mngomezulu said. He also urged them to collaborate with the coaches as they make their decisions in as far as player selection is concerned. “Coaches must feel you, as players must also be selected based on their physical fitness level. If a player is not medically fit, he/she is not supposed to be part of the players available for selection on matchday,” Mngomezulu said. He said so as he stressed the significance of the medical aspect in football.

Dr. Thulani Ngwenya emphasized on the importance of equipping each other as a region in order to be counted amongst the best in the football business. “As a region, we have the responsibility of sharpening each other in order to reach the great heights in the game of football,” Ngwenya said. He made an example of Morrocco who reached the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup and became the first African nation to do so, due to the robust investment towards football development. He also expressed his delight on the participants’ conduct during the workshop. “The participants were not empty. That is why, this was an engaging workshop,” Ngwenya said. He urged them to be confident when doing their job at their respective clubs as whatever they do will have an impact to the senior men’s national teams.

The Chairperson of the Medical Committee, Mr. Welcome Motsa assured the EFA and Dr. Thulani Ngwenya that the participants are now oozing with confidence due to the content that they received from this workshop. “We are now confident due to the information we got from Dr. Thulani Ngwenya”, Motsa said. He asked the clubs to fully utilize these medics as they are now a product that is available in the market. “I urge the clubs to recognise, appreciate and enrol the medical aspect as the product is now ready”, Motsa said.