Mission and Vision


To systematize, regulate, develop, promote and deliver quality football to our stakeholders in Swaziland, through facilitating and ensuring optimum access to sustainable development opportunities, resources and proficient structures for players, officials and clubs to participate in structured football nationally and internationally, collaborating with all stakeholders.


To be recognized as a sustainable football association of international standard and encompass a framework of football development that will bring regular and frequent success for our officials, clubs and players nationally and internationally.


The objectives of NFAS are:

  • To improve the game of football constantly and promote, regulate and control it throughout the territory of NFAS in the light of fair play and its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes;
  • To organize competitions in Association football in all its forms at a national level, by defining precisely, as required, the areas of authority conceded to the various Regional Associations and/or Leagues of which it is composed.
  • To draw up regulations and provisions on any aspect of football under its auspices or territory and ensure their enforcement;
  • To protect the interests of its Members;
  • To respect and prevent any infringement of the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, CAF, COSAFA and NFAS as well as the Laws of the Game and ensure that these are also respected by its Members and to prevent from being abused or brought into disrepute;
  • To prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardize the integrity of matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of Association Football;
  • To control and supervise all friendly football matches of all forms played throughout the territory of NFAS;
  • To manage international sporting relations connected with Association Football in all its forms;
  • To host competitions at international and other levels;
  • To foster friendly relations among officials and players of members by organizing competitions and tournaments and such other matches as may be deemed necessary at all levels and in all other appropriate ways.
  • To ensure that all bodies, officials and employees observe the Statutes, rules, regulations, decisions, directives and Code of Ethics of NFAS in their activities. The Executive Committee shall draw up the Code of Ethics.