Medical Committee

1. The Sports Medicine Committee shall be comprised of Chairman who shall be a medical doctor and four other members who belong to the medical profession.

2. The duties of the Sports Medicine Committee shall be:-

a) To work as an advisory board on the Executive Committee in all aspects of medicine, physiology and hygiene.

b) to exploit the scientific knowledge in the field of physiology, medical control, theory of training psychology and hygiene;

c) to prepare memoranda concerning sports medical services for football players;

d) to prepare memoranda for special sports medical control of leading players in order to increase their general athletic ability, physical fitness and performance capacity;

e) to prepare memoranda concerning physical preparation of football players, treatment of minor injuries, etc. for trainers and coaches;

f) to prepare memoranda concerning questions of diet and nourishment of football players;

g) to prepare memoranda concerning hygiene (including alcohol, nicotine, smoking,, drugs and doping);

h) to prepare instructions concerning medical service at international matches and tournaments;

i) To form a group of specialties who from time to time, and according to necessity, may be invited to take part in courses and/or meetings organized by the Medical Committee.