The waiting for the Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (SMVAF) Ingwenyama Cup is almost over as Green Mamba F.C. will play against Mbabane Swallows F.C. on Sunday, 7th April 2024 at the Somhlolo National Stadium and kick off is at 1500hrs (1300GMT). During the prematch press conference held at Sigwaca House in Mbabane both camps showed signs of being cautious as they foresee a very tough match.

When addressing the members of the media, Green Mamba F.C. head coach Earnest Mavuso stated that even though their recent record against Mbabane Swallows F.C.  is good, Sunday’s match will be tough. “Past results are now history and we expect a tough match against Mbabane Swallows F.C. We have analysed them very well and we were very cautious when addressing the challenges that we may face. This will be a tough match that will upset past records,” Mavuso said.

His words were echoed by Green Mamba F.C. captain Sabelo Ndzinisa. “As players we are ready for the match even though it is not easy to play against Mbabane Swallows F.C,” Ndzinisa said.

Mbabane Swallows F.C. coach Caleb Ngwenya who his opposite coach called him a strategist predicted a tough match; however, he had confidence of urging Mbabane Swallows F.C. fans to go to Somhlolo National Stadium and watch good football. “As a team, we are looking forward to the game. Even though it will be a tough match, we are ready for the match thus we urge our fans to go to Somhlolo National Stadium and watch good football,” Ngwenya said.

Even though Mbabane Swallows F.C. is a young team, the head coach appreciated the growth of the players as a result he believes that playing a match of this magnitude will not intimidate the players. “We have a young team and we do appreciate their growth. It is important for Mbabane Swallows F.C. to win this championship and we have worked in all aspects to achieve. Playing at this level will not intimidate my young players,” Ngwenya said.

Mbabane Swallows F.C. captain Kingsley Kwakyi concurred with his coach that it will be a tough match; however, as players they are looking forward to the finals. “It will be a tough match; however, we are looking forward to the match,” Kwakyi said.