Premier League Of Eswatini




P.O. BOX 641


TEL: +268 2404 1348/ 2404 2012

FAX: +268 2404 1348

WEBSITE: www.pls.co.sz


                The PLE

The Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) is an affiliate of the Eswatini Football Association (EFA). This is the only most senior football body recognized by EFA. The PLE runs the Premier and the National First Division leagues. The PLE has twenty six (26), members who are also the affiliates. This organization has 3 bodies which are; The Board of Governors, Operators Committee, and the Standing committees. The Board of Governors is the supreme body of the PLE. The Board of Governors is the only body that elect the Executive committee of the organization which is made up of six (6) members that are headed by the Chairman. The Executive Committee runs the PLE on behalf of the Board of Governors. The Operations Committee is responsible for the management and control of the PLE. It consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is employed by the EXCO and this person heads the secretoriate of the PLE and the operation functions of the PLE shall vest and be entrusted by the CEO. The operations committee has an additional of 3 members who are selected by the EXCO. THE Standing Committees consist of the Disciplinary committee, Dispute Resolution Chamber and Ombudsmen. The dispute Resolution Chamber is a tribunal handling disputes issues within the PLE. An Ombudsman is an official appointed by the PLE to investigate individual’s complaints against maladministration in the business that affects the PLE.

The PLE Executive Committee Members are as follows:

Chairman                                    : Mark Carmichael

Member                                      : Hon. Scorpion Nxumalo

Member                                      : Victor Rodrigues

Member                                      : Charles Matsebula

Member                                      : Polycarp Dlamini

Member                                      : Juluka Gamedze