Following numerous interpretations regarding the local football club’s participation in the CAF Interclubs 2024/25 edition; the EFA have set the record straight. These CAF Interclubss Competitions are the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League and the TotalEnergies CAF Confederations Cup

TotalEnergies CAF Champions League

As for the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League, Mbabane Swallows F.C. have qualified on sporting merit by being the champions of the MTN PLE Premier League 2023/24; thus, being invited for the online implementation of the finalization of their ‘participation license’ consideration and granting in line with the applicable minimum requirements for participation in the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League 2024/25. Mbabane Swallows F.C. have until the 20th June 2024 to have concluded their Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) application for their participation. So far Mbabane Swallows F.C. does not yet have a license granting them participation in the TotalEnergies CAF Champions Leagues 2024/25 edition.

TotalEnergies CAF Confederations Cup

In as far as the TotalEnergies CAF Confederations Cup is concerned, the EFA have received expression of interest from two clubs which are Mbabane Highlanders F.C. and Nsingizini Hotspurs F.C. The EFA have approved the engagement of Nsingizini Hotspurs F.C. As both clubs were not winners of any competition that qualifies football clubs for consideration into the participation of the TotalEnergies CAF Confederation Cup 2024/25 a professional and considerate approach to the identification of the candidate club for submission to CAF was implemented. The sporting merit; compliance with applicable minimum requirements with respect to participation in the CAF Interclub Competitions 2024/25; and the expression of financial capacity to participate in the CAF interclub competition 2024/25 were considered. The EFA highlighted that none of the two clubs having expressed interest qualified on sporting merit, particularly as none of them did not win any of the competitions that had earlier prescribed by EFA to qualify clubs for international participation.

At this point, no club from Eswatini has qualified to be granted a Participation License, pending their conclusion of the CLOP application process, which will close on the 20th June 2024, after which administrative consideration process will be implemented culminating to their license application approval or non-approval and application authentication by CAF, at the beginning of July 2024.

Hosting on CAF Interclubs Competition

The EFA also clarifies that at this moment, no local stadium qualifies to host official international competitions, including the matches of the forthcoming CAF interclub competitions, irrespective of the phase. This implies that the respective football clubs that would have been granted a license to participate in the CAF Interclubs 2024/25 editions will be required to host their matches in the territories of other CAF member associations whose stadia have been approved by CAF to qualify.