As an effort of developing football in the country, the Eswatini Football Association (EFA) is currently working on improving the practice of refereeing in the country. This was disclosed by the President of the EFA Mr. Peter Simelane during the official closing ceremony of the FIFA MA Refereeing Course at the Thokoza Church Centre on Friday morning. “The football association has already started working on complementary intervention that will improve the practice of refereeing, in particular the creation of an environment that will ensure that stakeholders are impressed with the work of the referees,” Simelane said. During the same event, EFA President also reminded the referees about their importance in the implementation of the football competitions. “The new season is imminent, and our referees are reminded of their centrality, in the envisage successful implementation of all football competitions of the season,” Simelane said.


As a way of enhancing quality delivery for the referees, Mr.Celestin Ntagungira who is a FIFA expert requested the EFA to enforce the Refereeing Department of the football association among other requests.. “I request the EFA to re-enforce the refereeing department as football is dynamic,” Ntangungira said. He requested that the department should have one technical and one physical fitness instructor to monitor the referees. He also asked the football association to select the best instructors to be Referees Assessors during the implementation of matches. “I also request the EFA to select the best Instructors to be Referees Assessors during football matches”, Ntangungira said. Other requests included, the availability of facilities for the referees to be utilized during practise session, communication system, participation of referees during the implementation of VAR courses in other countries, and the recruitment of more new younger referees.