• The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the execution of the policies and decisions of the General Assembly, the management and administration of the EFA.
  • It shall take decisions on all matters that do not fall within the sphere of responsibility of the General Assembly or other bodies by law or under these Statutes;
  • The Executive Committee shall appoint the chairmen and members of the Standing Committees and Judicial bodies;
  • The Executive Committee may decide to set up ad-hoc committees if necessary at any time;
  • The Executive Committee shall compile regulations for the organization of standing committees and ad-hoc committees;
  • The Executive Committee may delegate tasks arising out of its area of authority to other bodies of the EFA or third parties;
  • It may dismiss members of Standing Committees if they are guilty of serious violation of their duty and replace them for the remainder of their term of office.
  • It shall appoint or dismiss the General Secretary on the proposal of the President.The General Secretary shall attend meetings of the Executive Committee ex-officio;
  • Shall propose independent auditors to the General Assembly;
  • Shall decide the place and dates of and the number of teams participating in the competitions of the EFA. It shall be the supreme authority for all matters concerning the EFA competitions;
  • The Executive Committee shall approve regulations stipulating how the EFA shall be organized internally;
  • Shall appoint the coaches for the representative teams and other technical staff;
  • Shall ensure that the Statutes are applied and adopt the executive arrangements for their application;
  • Acquire by way of purchased, donation, aid or grant or lease any property moveable or immovable and dispose of the same by way of sale, lease, donation, or otherwise, subject to approval by the General Assembly.
  • To enter into contract on behalf of the EFA.
  • To call for and examine audited accounts of any member association before such association could receive grants-in aid (where and if applicable);
  • Regulate its procedures.
  • Recommend to the EFA the award of medals, diplomas, trophies and other incentives for the encouragement and promotion of sporting and activities for outstanding sporting achievements;
  • Invite at its discretion one or more persons to attend a meeting or meetings for the purpose of assisting the committee in any matter.
  • A person invited under sub-section s(i) above may participate in the deliberations of the Executive of the Executive Committee but shall have no vote.
  • Receive accounts, budgets and reports of associations and make recommendations to the NFAS;
  • Order an association to elect an interim committee in the event of an executive Committee of a member association or league is suspended;
  • Order and supervise the handover of the assets and all official documents of the member association by the suspended Executive Committee to the interim Executive Committee.

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