The Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA’s) President Peter Simelane has officially opened the EFA Administration and Management Course in Mbabane. This course is targeted to the Executive Committee Members of the Premier League of Eswatini (PLE) and football administrators of the football clubs under the membership of the P.L.E.

In every country, elite football is used to measure the level of football in the country which is the case with the MTN Premier League, said the EFA President. “In every country, the elite league is used in measuring the level of football in that particular country, which is the similar case with the MTN Premier League,” Simelane said. The EFA President also stated that such courses are essential in the effort of getting potential sponsors in the business of football. “Such courses are essential as they equip the football administrators before meeting potential sponsors”, Simelane said. He also expressed his delight in their attendance as this is an indication that football will develop in the country. “Your attendance is essential as it is an indication of football development in the country”, Simelane concluded. The content of this course that will end on Wednesday, 27th March 2024 includes; leadership, competitions, events management, finance management, marketing, and fan development to mention but a few.