The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has acknowledged the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) for the perfectly implemented FIFA Football Medicine Course that took place at the Technical Centre in Lobamba on the 25th-26th November 2019. This was disclosed by the President of EFA Mr. Adam Mthethwa during the closing ceremony on Tuesday, 26th November 2019. “As football association we are very much honoured and privileged about the support that we get from FIFA in implementing such courses”, Mthethwa said.

Furthermore, he acknowledged the participants for being part of their historic course as it was the first time for the football association to host a FIFA Medical Course. He also urged participants to continue working for football as they are key stakeholders of the game. “As football association we are happy about your commitment. Our responsibility is to train people and equip them with knowledge”, he said. Over and above, he urged participants to go out there and look for team that doesn’t have qualified doctors like them, so that they can be attached and practice their knowledge.

When addressing the audience; on behalf of FIFA, the FIFA Instructor, Prof. Efraim B. Kramer thanked EFA for the support they have given them and for being part of this course. “It is my pleasure to be here and it has been a great experience”, Kramer said. He further urged participants to continue practice the knowledge in the field of play. “I hope that you have learnt something and your skills are updated. We are here to support you, to help you, to advice you and to guide you”, he added.


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