The Goalkeeping Festival that was hosted by the National Football association of Swaziland will enhance the Coaches as they were able to gain the technical and tactical aspects on how to effectively train a goalkeeper. This event was held on Sunday, 6th august 2017 at the Somhlolo National Stadium. The facilitator of this Goalkeeping Festival was the NFAS Coaching Instructor, Mr Anthony Mdluli.

When making his remarks, he highlighted the importance of having qualified Coaches at club level. “It is very much vital that all clubs more especially those competing at the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) and the National First Division levels to have goalkeeper Coaches as they compete in the most high competitions in the country where they even have an opportunity to compete against the best  clubs in the continent of Africa”, he said. The NFAS Instructor also highlighted that most successful clubs in the world have top-class goal keepers which is also an indication that, with a good goalkeeper, a football club can have better chances of getting good results and win trophies.

There were about forty (40) participants during this event of which it achieved its mandate.

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