The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) has issued Circular Number 106 to its Members, which states the 2 registration periods for the forthcoming 2017/ 2018 football season. According to this circular, the first window registration period which is the main period for registration for the season, commenced on Monday, 10th July 2017 and will close on Friday, 22nd September 2017. The Second window registration period shall commence on Tuesday, 8th January 2018 and close on Friday, 2nd February 2018.

According to the circular, all clubs in the country shall be allowed to register a maximum of 30 players, inclusive of up to a maximum of 5 international players. It also states that all football players and clubs of the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) are expected to confirm to all requirements for the registration and transfer of their players. These clubs are expected to meet the registration and regulations for the current 2017/2018 football season, including the conformity to club licensing requirements which are mandatory in terms of the Sporting; Infrastructure; Administrative and Personnel; and Legal Criteria as outlined with the Club Licensing Regulations.

  • Registration Form (duly completed)
  • Domestic Transfer Certificate (where applicable)
  • International Transfer Certificate (where applicable)
  • Player’s Contract

             -Duly signed and initialed on every page,

             -With the signatures and initials of the player and club’s officially mandatory,

             -Where a recognized player’s agent is involved his/ her signature and initial must be accordingly    included.

  • Club License for the 2017/2018 Football season

             -Fullfilment of the Club Licensing requirement (s articulated in Club Licensing regulations as for this purpose each club shall apply with the NFAS Secretariat and upon fulfilment of all                               requirements will be granted a Club License for the 2017/2018 Football Season).

  • Coaches license (in accordance with the Coach Licensing System for 2017/2018 season)

             -In the case where a club has terminated the service of a coach within the season or once the season has started the acting or new coach shall not be allowed in the Technical area unless                     having fulfilled all the requirements of the coach licensing system.


  • Work permit( where applicable)

             -A player’s work permit application shall not be made with the NFAS unless all the documents required for the registration of the player and the club have been fulfilled.

  • Loan Agreements( where applicable)

             -For loaned players

             -Duly signed by all parties to the loan agreement

             -Must be attached with the Transfer Certificate of the player in question.

  • Other documents which form part of the agreements towards the transfer of a player must also be attached with the above registration requirements.

As for international players playing football at the Premier League and National First Division, over and above the applicable registration requirements, be employed on contract, a copy of which shall be submitted to the registration office of the NFAS before such a player can be registered.

The circular also states that all players in the PLS shall not be allowed to register without having undergone a medical examination from recognized Medical practitioners or institutions of the country. Therefore, clubs are expected to also produce a Medical Certificate as a proof that a particular player is medically fit to play football in the current football season.

Football clubs at Premier League, National First Division and Super League are also reminded that the registration of players will be done electronically through the FIFA Connect Registration System. This registration process will include the U20 and U17 teams’ players for the PLS clubs. It is for this reason that the NFAS is currently hosting the FIFA Connect Registration Workshops to its relevant stakeholders.

Lastly, according to the circular, the registration fee per player in the National First Division and the Premier League is E100 (One Hundred Emalangeni Only per player); whilst those for Regional Super Leagues’ Clubs is E50 (Fifty Emalangeni Only per player). These fees are to be paid at the Finance Office of the NFAS).

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