The 2017 Primary Schools Futsal Championships came to an end on Wednesday, 28th June 2017 at the OlympiAfrica Courts in Lobamba. This competition commenced at Zonal then Regional and finally National Level. Both boys and girls participated in these championships. In the boys tournament, only U13 boys were eligible to participate where as in the girls category, only the U15 girls were allowed to participate.

During the final day of the championships, which was the national championship, a total of twelve ten (10) schools participated under the boys section and there schools were divided into two groups of five. As for the girls section, a total of eight (8) schools participated and there were two groups of four. These games were played in a round robin format with the group winners and runners –ups qualifying for the semi-finals.

In the boys section, Lobamba National; Sydney Williams; Lozitha National and John Wesley Primary Schools qualified for the semi-finals stage. As for the girls section, Lobamba National; Ntuthukweni; Kwaluseni Central and Lozitha Primary schools qualified for the semi-finals stage. The results in the semi-finals stage were as follows:

Boys Competition

  • Lobamba National 4: Lozitha National 0
  • Sydney Williams 1: John Wesley 3

Girls Competition

  • Lobamba National 2: Ntuthukweni 3
  • Kwaluseni Central 0: Lozitha 2

The winners of the above matches qualified to the final stage whilst the losers qualified for the 3rd place play offs matches respectively.

The losers’ finals results were as follows:

Boys Competition

  • Sydney Williams 5: Lozitha National 4

Girls Competition

  • Lobamba National 3: Kwaluseni Central 1


  The finals’ results were as follows:

Boys Competition

Lobamba National 10: John Wesley 0

Girls Competition

Ntuthukweni 3: Lozitha 1

These results imply that Lobamba National and Ntuthukweni Primary Schools are the 2017 National Futsal Champions respectively.

These championships were a huge success as the main mandate was to develop football from grassroots level. The children also enjoyed themselves throughout the championships. Samkeliso Dlamini, a grade 6 student at Lobamba National Primary School, said that he benefited a lot in these competitions as he enjoyed himself and he was also able to flex his muscles. “I enjoyed myself and also benefited health wise as I was able to flex my muscles”, said Samkeliso Dlamini. This lad displayed top class Futsal artistry and he also highlighted that football was his favourite sport with the Senior National Team and Mbabane Swallows Captain, Tony Tsabedze being his role model.” I like Tony Tsabedze and I dream of playing for Chelsea FC in the English Premiership.”, he said. This boy’s words were echoed by Senele Nhlabatsi, a young skilful girl from Ntuthukweni Primary School who also said she enjoyed herself during these championships. “With more competitions like this, more talent can be unveiled and also we as children, can have a better platform to enjoy and express our talent”, she said.


The NFAS urges its stakeholders to support this football development programme as it plays a vital role in the development of football in the country. Also, this football development programme contributes immensely in the development of the Swazi Child as other personal skills of the children are being enriched. Such development programmes needs a lot of collaborations from different stakeholders in order to maximise their effectiveness in society.

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