“People who become better in life are those who when they get knowledge; use it in their daily work”, said EFA President Mr. Peter Simelane. A total of twenty participants are being empowered by FIFA as the EFA continues with her preparations of the commencement of the new football season.

The EFA President highlighted about the significance of assessors in football development as they playa very crucial role, and as such their critical understanding of the elements of the game of football that affect refereeing is very essential. “Assessors are therefore requested to pay attention to all the information to the delivered in this course, so that they can be better assessors that can uplift the flag of the country both locally and internationally”, Simelane said.

The FIFA Instructor who is facilitating this course, Mr. Ali Mohammed Ahmed from Somalia stated that the easier route for the country to be represented in the FIFA World Cup is by having a referee officiating in this competition. “It is easier to send a referee to the World Cup Finals than a whole team”, Ahmed said. This course started on Monday and will end on Friday, 15th October 2021.

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