Like a true father, Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has presented 50 sets of referees’ uniforms to the Eswatini Football Association (ERA) to be used by elite referees in the country. According to the EFA’s General Secretary Mr. Frederick Mngomezulu, this initiative has been implemented by the football association for the past 2years. “For the past 2 years, the EFA has dressed the elite referees”, said Mngomezulu. The main aim for the EFA in presenting these uniforms to the referees is to make them presentable while they execute their duties. Mngomezulu also expressed the EFA’s hope regarding the usage of these uniforms. “We hope that the referees will take good care of the uniforms and we anticipate that this kind gesture from the EFA will also motivate them” said Mngomezulu.

Eswatini Referees Association (ERA) through her Chairman Mr. Sipho Kunene acknowledged the EFA for this kind gesticulation. “On behalf of the ERA, I would like to acknowledge EFA for these uniforms as they will play a great role in our refereeing duties” Kunene said. The Chairman also highlighted that as an association under the EFA they are very much humbled to EFA considering the unfavourable economic condition globally. Kunene expressed their wish as the ERA that such actions by the EFA can also be implemented by the Regional Football Association. “As ERA wish to offer such to regional referees thus we wish that the Regional Football Association can also implement what the EFA is doing for the referees.

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