The Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA’s) President Mr. Adam Mthethwa expressed the organisation’s gratitude towards MTN Eswatini for her investment in football over the years. “The EFA expresses its gratitude to MTN for her investment in football over the years”, Mthethwasaid. He also assured the sponsor that football is growing in the country as there are a lot of development initiatives that are being implemented. “A lot of developments are currently happening in football which includes club licensing which is being implemented for the betterment of the sport”, Mthethwa said. The President of the EFA also saluted His Majesty’s Government for nurturing an enabling environment for the implementation of the sport in the country.

The Premier League of Eswatini’s (PLE’s) Chairman Mr. Mark Carmichiel through PLE’s Executive Member Mr. Charles Matsebula echoed the EFA’s President’s words as he also acknowledged MTN’s role towards football development in the country. “MTN has been a good friend to football over the years and this partnership deserves to be celebrated as football has benefited a lot from it”, Matsebula said. He also expressed his profound gratitude to MTN for her professionalism in as far as this partnership is concerned.

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