Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has united with the globe in the fight against AIDS. “As the world commemorated the world AIDS day, the EFA would like to extend her solidarity and shared responsibility towards the fight against AIDS” the EFA said through a statement. The football association reminds the populace that the fight is not over thus there is still a need to increase awareness and the impact of HIV on people’s lives. “With solidarity and shared responsibility, we can suppress the stigma and discrimination and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV” said part of the statement.

EFA also highlighted that even though the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected us adversely; we mustn’t forget the havoc that HIV has done and still can do to our lives. “No one is safe unless we all safe”, the statement read.

The football association also acknowledged His Majesty’s Government and her partners for the efforts in the fight against the AIDS epidemic over the years since the first case was reported in the country. “As an organisation we believe that global problems needs global solidarity, thus only global solidarity and shared responsibility can help us beat the COVID-19 pandemic and the AIDS epidemic”, the statement concluded.

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