The Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA) President, Mr. Adam Mthethwa has appealed to the Members of the football association to handle the COVID-19 pandemic situation in as far as football in the country is concerned with care. This is after a lot has been said over the media and other platforms by some member associations which of cause tarnish the image of the EFA.

“There have been a lot of reactions after the EFA suspended football matches in the country”, said Mthethwa in a press conference that was held at Sigwaca House this afternoon. It is a fact that after this decision by the EFA Executive Committee was implemented, there were numerous reactions from some stakeholders of the EFA. The President clarified that when the EFA took this decisions, she accommodated all her stakeholders. “The EFA accommodated all her stakeholders when taking this decision”, Mthethwa said. Having said that, the EFA President highlighted that up to now, none of the Members of the EFA have raised any views formally regarding the current situation.

The President also highlighted that, the Member Associations are free to advice the football association in a responsible manner however; it is only the EFA that has the authority to implement such football decisions on the land. “It is only the EFA that can take such decisions and Member Associations can only advice on such in a responsible manner”, Mthethwa said. He also elaborated that this decision was a fair one under the current situation.

When quizzed about the possibility of cancelling the current football season, the EFA President stated that further consultations will need to be made as there are a lot of issues that may need to be addresses which won’t be easy to do so. “Cancellation of the current football season is not the only opinion and if that is the case, further consultations will be needed as a lot of issues must be addressed”, Mthethwa said. This implies that football matches will resume after the EFA gets advice from government to do so.

As for the FIFA Relief Fund which is a topical issue to some EFA stakeholders, the EFA President has requested that this issue must be left to the football association together with the FIFA Forward issues. “It is only the EFA that can deal with the issues of the FIFA Forward and Relief Fund thus we appeal to the Members to respect the structures of football”, the President said. In conclusion; he appealed to the EFA Members to handle the COVID-19 pandemic situation in a responsible manner so that the brand of the football association is protected and also the interests of the sponsors are prioritised.

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