The Hhohho Youth Development


The Hhohho Youth Development is a standing Committee of the Hhohho Regional Football Association which is tasked with establishment of Junior Leagues in all the HRFA Regional Leagues. The Hhohho Region has experienced an increase in the number of junior leagues in the 2018/2019. The junior leagues were established in the following regions; Mdzimba, Maphalaleni and Nkhaba.

Objective and Aims

As per article 56 of the HRFA Constitution the Hhohho Youth Development aims as follows:

  • Develop and administrate youth football.
  • Establish junior’s leagues across the Hhohho Region.
  • Develop players and prepare them for promotions.
  • Develop coaches and create platform to practice coaching skills.
  • Develop referees and create environment for them to practice.



The Hhohho Youth Development calendar starts from February to August; this schedule helps accommodate the players to prepare for School Examination as most of the participants in the development are scholars, however due to the geographic location of the leagues some juniors leagues are forced to start at the end of May especially in the rural based areas agriculture is mostly practiced and the young males play a major role in looking after cattle.


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