1. The Referees Committee shall comprise of a chairman and four (4) other members who shall be experienced former officials.

2. The Referees Committee shall:

a) Implement the Laws of the Game;

b) to propose to the Executive Committee the alterations to the Laws of the Game to be submitted to FIFA for discussion in the International Football Association Board;

c) To compile a list of referees qualified to control local and international matches.

d) To establish as far as possible uniformity in methods of refereeing and application of the Laws of the game.

e) To organize local and international courses for referees and facilitate for the promotion and/or demotion to the various regional and national leagues.

f) To appoint the referees listed in 41(iii) (c) above to conduct matches organized by members of the Football Association.

g) to ensure that each Regional Football Association has a properly constituted Regional Referees Committee, and to ascertain that these committees function properly;

3. Members of the referees committee may be appointed to act as local match commissioners or assessors.

the Referees Committee shall determine its procedures in the exercise of its powers and duties;

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