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The NFAS has issued out a notice to all its Members with reference to the 2018 OGA to be held on Sunday, 1st July 2018 at a venue and time yet to be confirmed. It is expected that proposals to this OGM must have been submitted to the NFAS Secretariat by the 1st June 2018. During this meeting, each Member of the NFAS is expected to have a maximum of six (6) delegates. These Members are; the Premier league of Swaziland (PLS), the four (4) Regional Associations, the Referees Association, the Coaches Association, and the Women Football Association.


The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) will on Saturday, 5th May, 2018 host a workshop for its members. This workshop will focus on the NFAS Statutes; and it will be held at Sibane Hotel in Ezulwini. The target audience for this workshop are the delegates to the NFAS Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) in compliance with the NFAS statutes.


Following the Launch of the U13 BuildIt National Championships last Wednesday, 4th April 2018 at Sigwaca House all roads lead to the National Championships this Saturday, 14th April 2018 at the Somhlolo National Stadium. This is a football development programme that the NFAS and BuildIt have been implementing for the past eleven (11) years, which has grown and produced a number of accomplished players that are and have graced our national teams over the years.

This Saturday’s event which acts as a climax of this football development programme; come after the store events in-which the best players were selected by qualified coaches to form pick teams that will participate on the day. A total of eight (8) teams will battle it out for the national championships which promise to be an excellent grassroots football event. The Ministry of sports, Culture and Youth Affairs, including senior government officials, football officials and BuildIt officials are expected to grace this event. The day’s activities will kick-off with a short march at 7:00 am from the Somhlolo National Stadium up to Emashibhini area in Lobamba and back to the national stadium. The Football family, BuildIt family, Parents, Public, other Stakeholders and the Media are cordially invited to this event which has already been planned and prepared to be a family day.


The Senior Men’s National Team (Sihlangu SeMnikati has been invited to play as part of the 50/50 Double Celebration. This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS). “As had earlier been alluded to when communication the immediate programme of Sihlangu SeMnikati, the national team has been invited to play as part of the 50/50 Double Celebration; an invitation which the NFAS accepted”; the CEO said. The NFAS has started making arrangements for this international match as contacts with possible opposition has already started and once identified; the opponent will be presented to the 50/50 celebrations authorities who will then communicate this information with the rest of the 50/50 celebratory programme.


The football family and its stakeholders are currently mourning the passing on of Mr. Philip Dlamini, popularly known as “Big Daddy”, who was a member of the National Football Association of Swaziland’s (NFAS’s Executive Committee. It is for this reason that a ‘Moment of Silence’ in his remembrance is expected to be observed in all football matches of this forthcoming weekend (7th /8th April). All stakeholders of football are advised to take note of this action.

A memorial service will be hosted at John Wesley Primary School in Mbabane on Friday, 6th April 2018, starting at 1400hrs (2:00 pm). He will be laid to rest at Empatheni, Hlathikulu on Sunday, 8th April 2018 at 0400hrs (4:00 am) after a night vigil starting in the evening on Saturday, 7th April 2018.


The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) issues a statement on the issues currently taking place in women football Pursuant to  a  meeting of  the  Executive  Committee with  six  (6) women football  clubs (Royal Leopards Ladies; Siteki Ladies; Mbekelweni Ladies; Lobamba Highlanders Ladies; Southern Divas; and Shiselweni Roses) at Sigwaca House on the 15th March 2018; the Executive Committee met to discuss  all  the  issues  presented  by  the  women  football  clubs in  question,  in  particular, their concerns around the events currently taking place at the Women Football Association. In this regard the Executive Committee hereby states the following:

  • The Executive Committee have noted all the submissions and discussions made at the above stated meeting  and  is  of  the  view  that  the  same  matters  presented  in  the  meeting  had already been advanced at the High Court of the Kingdom of Swaziland wherein the six (6) women  football  clubs  were  cited  as  applicants, with  the  NFAS  as  respondents; to  which responses  were  advanced  by  the  NFAS,  as  respondents in  the    The High Court dismissed the matter with costs.


  • The Executive Committee further noted that the women football clubs again referred the matter to  Court  undercover  yet in another  Certificate  of  Urgency;  a  matter  which  was eventually struck-off the roll. This was after the High Court determined that investigations be executed following a much publicized Court Order which was purported to have been in the possession of the women football clubs. Significant to note even at this instance, is that the  NFAS was  cited  as  respondents  in  the  matter  together  with  the  Women  Football Association (WFA). To this date, the results of the investigations are not known or have not been communicated to parties in the matter.


  • The Executive Committee, on the highlight of these significant and legal developments, as above articulated,  whilst  the  matter  of  the  investigations  is  still  being  addressed  by  the court,  wherein,  too,  the  NFAS  was  cited as  respondents  and  pending  the  results  of  the investigations, for the sake of appropriate order, the NFAS cannot deal with the matter, the matter being sub judicae.


  • The concluding position of the NFAS on this matter therefore, is that whilst the matter is being addressed,  pending  the  results  of  the  investigations  by  the  High  Court,  and  for  the continuance  of  football, the  six  (6) women  football  clubs (above  stated)  are advised  and directed  to  immediately  go  back  and  participate  in  women  football  clubs’  competitions under the auspices of the WFA.


The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) has extended a special tribute and momentous gratitude to His Majesty The King Mswati III together with the Royal Family for gracing the 3rd Finals of the Ingwenyama SMVAF Cup. The NFAS highlighted its humbleness by His Majesty’s attendance and patronage. “The blending of football and culture accords this competition great mileage; particularly its uniqueness; which plays a great role in marketing the sport and culture of the country”; the statement read.

The NFAS also stated that this tournament has laid a solid foundation in celebrating His Majesty’s 50th Birthday and the same number of years since gaining independence. In addition, the football association extended its appreciation to the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Swaziland, his Cabinet and Civil Service, Members of both Houses of Parliament, Sincephetelo Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (SMVAF), Football family, Invited guests, Fans and the Media for being part of this historic event. “This stakeholders played a pivotal role in making this event to be the glamour and success witnessed”; the statement read. The NFAS urges the nation to always remember and implement the messages that the sponsor (SMVAF) communicated through this competition; as by so doing, the nation’s safety on the roads will be assured.

In conclusion, the football association congratulated the champions of both the football and cultural categories at stake in this competition and also recognized the efforts of the other finalists, various participating football clubs at the earlier stage, all of whom were competitive thereby enhancing our football brand. The organizing committee of the tournament was also acknowledged as it presented a well- coordinated tournament from the opening to the very last day of the competition. “Once again, the football family remains greatly indebted to the Patronage of His Majesty The King Mswati III; Bayethe Wena WaPhakathi


The Senior Men’s National Team, Sihlangu SeMnikati left the country by road for OR Tambo International Airport where they will connect a flight to Seychelles for an International Friendly Match. This match will be played on Tuesday, 27th Match 2018 and they are expected back home on Thursday, 29th March 2018. The travelling delegation is headed by an Executive Member of the National Football association of Swaziland, Mr. Mlimi Mamba. He leads a delegation of 21 players and 6 officials.


The President of the NFAS, Senator Adam Mthethwa has told the technical bench of Sihlangu SeMnikati to win the match against Seychelles even though it is an international friendly match. “Even if this is an international friendly match, we want positive results from Seychelles”, he said. The NFAS President also reminded the national team that the game of football is also a vehicle to market the country thus the results of an international match are of high importance.

Having said that, he motivated the players by giving them credit on playing football until they reach the international level where they play for the senior national team. “It is an honour to play for the national team as it is the pinnacle of every player”, he said. Finally he told the players to play for the country as the nation wants results.


The Head Coach of the Senior Men’s National Team (Sihlangu SeMnikati) has acknowledged the NFAS for facilitating the training camp and the international friendly match against Seychelles. The coach is who will lead the national team for the first time since becoming the interim head coach of Sihlangu SeMninkati is very much optimistic about the future of the national team as there is new blood in the squad which is working very hard. “We hope we will achieve our mandate as the technical bench of the national team as the NFAS is very much supportive and also the new players in the team who have joined the experienced ones are also working very hard in bring positive results for the nation”, he said.

He also highlighted that in as far as this international friendly match is concerned; their aim is to come back with positive results. The major aim for the coach is to make the national team get positive results in order to make the fans happy. “Our aim is to make the national team get positive results in order to win the confidence of the nation”, he concluded.

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