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The 50/50 SPTC Charity Cup has been officially launched at the Mavuso Exhibition Centre in Manzini. The Honourable Minister Owen Nxumalo who was representing the Honourable Prime Minister was the guest speaker of this event. In his speech, he acknowledged SPTC for her effort over the years in as far as uplifting the lives of the underprivileged community and also developing football in the country. This year’s sponsorship is E2, 722 500.00. “The sponsorship package for the 50/50 SPTC Charity Cup Competition is E2, 722 500.00”; Nxumalo said.

When reacting to this sponsorship, the football family through the Vice President of the NFAS Peter Simelane expressed its sincere gratitude to the sponsor as this competition allows football teams to show case their new players for the start of the new football season and also for the charitable work that forms part of this competition. “We acknowledge SPTC for her support to football over the years and this competition provide a perfect platform for football teams to showcase their new players for the new season whilst at the same time it promotes the spirit of charity in the country”; Simelane said.


The champions of the 50/50 SPTC Charity Cup will have all the reasons to smile as they will be guaranteed with E1 million cash in the bank account. “The champions of this competition will get E1 million”; Mabila said This was stated by the representative of the Premier League of Eswatini Chairman and Board Member Mduduzi Mabila during the official launch of the competition. This year’s event will see the traditional big 3 football clubs in the country participating on the main day on the tournament as the initial day which will be the 22nd July 2018 is booked for the play-offs.  On this day, Young Buffaloes FC, Green Mamba FC, Malanti Chief FC and Moneni Pirates FC will compete for the only slot left for the main event competition. The development teams of the participating teams have been included in this tournament as a way of developing future players in the country. Mabila also highlighted that the traditional big 3 teams were chosen for the main event due to their huge fan base as it is a must that gate takings have to be maximised as they play a vital role in as far as charity is concerned.

On the other hand, the sponsor through the Managing Director Petros Dlamini acknowledged the Premier League of Eswatini for the manner in which this tournament has been implemented over the years as SPTC has also achieved her mandate. “Through this competition we promote the spirit of charity and peace in the country”; Dlamini said.


The Mbabane Swallows FC defender Mandla Palma and Manzini Sea Birds striker Muzi Tsabedze are the player of the season for the 2017/18 football season in the MTN Premier League and the National First division respectively. These players were unveiled in an event that was held at the posh Royal Villas in Ezulwini in the presence of the Honourable Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Paul Dlamini, National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) President Senator Adam Mthethwa and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eswatini MTN Ambrose Dlamini just to mention but a few.

In total, there were 35 awards that were given to well deserving football players, coaches teams and administrators by the sponsor. Some of these awards also included the top goal scorers, hatrick initiative, and coaches of the season and man of the matches just to mention but a few. Other recipients of prizes included Charles Molopi from Malanti Chiefs, Phiwa Dlamini from Young Buffaloes and Thabo Vilakati the Mbabane Swallows FC head coach just to mention but a few.


Eswatini MTN is in love with the country through football. This was disclosed by the CEO of the mobile telecommunication company, Ambrose Dlamini during the prize presentation ceremony that was held last night at the Royal Villas in Ezulwini. “By partnering football for so long is a sign that Eswatini MTN loves the country”; Dlamini said. The CEO also highlighted that as a sponsor of the elite league and the National First Division on the land they really acknowledge His Majesty’s Government, football fraternity and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the 2017/18 football season. The sponsor is also delighted to see one of the local football clubs performing very well in international competitions which is a sign that they are also contributing towards football development in the country. “As a sponsor we are delighted to see one of the local football team playing very well in international competitions”; Dlamini said. In conclusion the CEO acknowledge the competitiveness of the tournament which also played a significant role in convincing Eswatini MTN to increase the sponsorship to E6million per football season.  

It is for this reason that the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) through its Executive Member Peter Magagula acknowledged every stakeholder for the successful implementation of the previous football season. He also reminded the football team that as the new season draws near, fair play must be the main business so that football will be the winner as FIFA advocates. The National Football Association of Swaziland is also in full support of the PLS as it is a vital structure of football which embraces the development of football in the country. “The PLS through its competitions embraces football development in the country which complements the core business of the NFAS”; said the NFAS President Senator Adam Mthethwa.


The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) has called the football coaches in the country to be united and support each other. This was emphasised by the Vice President of the NFAS Dr. Comfort Shongwe during the official closure of the Coaches Symposium that was held over the weekend. As coaches, you have be united and support each other”; Shongwe said. He also highlighted that such forum like the coaches symposium are good for football development in the country and they are more effective when there is unity amongst the participants. The Vice President of the NFAS also challenged the coaches to work very hard and produce players who will get better contracts from football clubs competing in better leagues in the world. “Let us see players getting better contracts, from better football clubs competing in better leagues”; Shongwe said.


The Swaziland Football Coaches Association (SFCA) held its first coaches award during this year’s coaches’ symposium. The outstanding coaches from the Regional Super Leagues to elite competitions were being recognized by the SFCA. Coaches’ frm the different football teams that won some silver wear and runner’s ups from the various competitions in the country were being awarded. The Chairman of the SFCA Anthony Mdluli also awarder the Chaiman’s award to Milling Hotspurs FC Head Coach Xolani Sigudla for his hard work as the team shocked the waves of the football industry by reaching the quarter finals of the Ingwenyama SMVAF Cup and ending the MTN National First Division on the 4th position. The coaches also voted for the Coaches’ Coach of the Year Award that was won by Young Buffaloes FC Head Coach Dominic Kunene. This awarding ceremony was also enhanced by the donations from the Royal Swazi Sun, Sibane Hotel and Muhle Tours.


The President of the NFAS, Adam Mthethwa has officially opened the Coaches Symposium that is currently taking place at the SWSC Emtfonjeni Auditorium in Ezulwini. This event is hosted by the football mother body for all the coaches in the country. Also present during the opening ceremony was the Chief Executive  Officer (CEO) of the NFAS Frederick Mngomezulu and the Technical Director (TD) of the football association Bhekisisa Mkhonta just to mention but a few.

In his opening remarks, the President of the NFAS highlighted that the main purpose of this Coaches Symposium is to evaluate the previous football season in as far as coaching is concerned. “We are here to find out if we were able to achieve our objectives of the previous football season”, Mthethwa said. The President also noted that the is a good competition amongst the current coaches in the country. He also urged the coaches to discuss issues that will enhance the local football. Amongst the topics to be discussed are Youth football, coaching policy and ethics of the coaching profession just to mention but a few.


The President of the NFAS Adam Mthethwa has urged the local coaches to support the current Sihlangu SeMnikati head coach as he is one of them by being a local coach. The current Sihlangu head coach is Anthony Mdluli. “The current national team coach needs total support from the local coaches as if it was one of you, you would need the same treatment”, Mthethwa said. By so doing the coaches will be applying professionalism, the President stated. “The NFAS gave the local coaches the opportunity to apply for this job, after conceding some pleas from the Coaches Association to also conceder locals for this role   thus it was advertised, of which it gave every local coaches an equal opportunity to apply” Mthethwa said.


The President of the NFAS has stated the reason behind the football association’s reason to vote for the Morocco bid rather than the United Bid during the voting process of the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosts. This was after some harsh critics on why the NFAS voted for the former. “The Morocco bid was an African bid, thus as Africans we had to stick to our own”; Mthethwa said. He also highlighted that it was not the NFAS alone from the African continent that did so, as there were other African countries that did so in support of the African bid. The United bid was the eventual winner of hosting the FIFA 2026 World Cup.


The Honourable Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs David Ngcamphalala officially closed the FIFA MA Physical Fitness Coaching Course that was held at the Technical Centre in Lobamba. Also present during this event was the Vice President of the NFAS Peter Simelane and the FIFA Instructor Kar Molouche.

In his remarks, the Honourable Minister acknowledged FIFA and the NFAS for their effort in developing football in the country. “His Majesty’s Government acknowledged both FIFA and the NFAS for their effort in the development of football in the country”, Ngamphalala said. The Honourable Minister also urged the participants of this course to spread the gospel about the culture of being physically fit more especially to the young players as player development is very essential for the future of the beautiful game. “We are looking forward to a positive impact of this course in football and we urge you coaches to spread the gospel about the physical fitness culture more especially at grassroots level as this is where the future of the beautiful game is based”, Ngamphalala stated. In conclusion he urged the participants to produce quality players that will meet the physical fitness demand of a quality player.  

The NFAs Vice President also urged the coaches to implement what they have learnt from this course. “We want to see the benefits of this course this coming football season”, Simelane said. He also told the coaches that the football association will be monitoring their progress as this coming football season progresses. Finally he acknowledged His Majesty’s Government for the continuous support towards football development in the country and also thanked the FIFA instructor for sharing his knowledge and skills to the participants.

In the same event, the FIFA instructor thanked all the stakeholders for making this course a huge success. He also encouraged the coaches not to be afraid in committing mistakes as they will be exposing themselves in learning new things in life. “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as that is how you learn you things in life”, Molouche said.

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