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The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has extended a special tribute and momentous gratitude to His Majesty The King Mswati III together with the Royal Household for gracing the fifteenth (15th) edition of the Eswatini Bank Cup Finals, which decorated the winners of the 2019 Eswatini Bank Cup Competition. “As football association and family, we are always greatly humbled by His Majesty’s attendance”; said part of the statement sent to the media.

The presence of His Majesty The King Mswati III gave this event the glamour and Royal Extravagance. Even though the game of football has the potential of unifying people; the presence of His Majesty The King Mswati III endorsed the unifying factor of the nation and this added majestic value and ensured the success of this event; read part of the statement from EFA.

“Further appreciation goes to the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini, his Cabinet and Civil Service, Members of both Houses of Parliament, Chiefs, the Sponsor-Eswatini Bank, the Football Family, invited guests and the media for being part of this historic event. They are also a principle reason the whole event was a success”; the statement read. Indeed “Solo Inje” as this tournament’s slogan goes assured to keep to the standards as it was well executed and football was being played in a good spirit which perfectly endorsed the bank’s slogan of being “ A bank with a Heart”; the statement continued.

Finally the EFA congratulated the Winning Clubs; Young Buffaloes FC for the Grand Prize, Tambuti FC for the U20 championship, and Manzini Wanderers Ladies Team for being champions in the Women’s competition.  None of such a success could have been actualized without the sponsors, Eswatini Bank and the Management Committee of this tournament who presented a well coordinated programme from its inception to the very end of the edition. The football family remains greatly indebted to Eswatini Bank, the statement concluded.


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