The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) held a Referees Fitness Test on Sunday, 13th November 2017 at the Somhlolo National Stadium in Lobamba. The targeted referees were those who officiates in the elite football; however regional referees were also accommodated. Among the referees, 4 of them were female which is an indication that refereeing is for both genders.

According to the Chairman of the Swaziland Referees Committee, the NFAS was very happy about the overall event. “The NFAS is very much excited about the whole event as the turnout was very much encouraging”, he said. When quizzed about the availability of human resources in as far as refereeing is concerned; he stated that the presence of young referees was an indication of growth in refereeing as they are also expecting more referees in January as they are currently busy with their refereeing studies. This additional referee will play a significant role considering the fact that there are 14 MTN Premier League teams and 12 National First Division Team which implies more number of matches than the previous football season.

The NFAS Refereeing Instructor, Mr. Dumisani Hadebe highlighted that a total of 55 referees participated in this exercise where-by 5 of them were not able to make it however; they will have another opportunity to retest after 6 week”, he said. Among the participating referees was the experienced referee who is also the Secretary of the Swaziland National Referees Association (SNRA); Mr. Simanga Nhleko who highlighted about the importance of this exercise. “This is a vital exercise as we are expected to stay fit all the times in order to match the physical fitness demands of refereeing”, he said.

This referees physical fitness test follows the one that was made before the commencement of the 2017/2018 football season.

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