The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) and the entire football family, would like to extend its sincere and heartfelt condolences and symbol of solidarity to the Build it Family and most extensively the Ismail Family, relatives and friends for the establishment of this shocking tragedy that claimed the life of Mr. Cassim Ismail on Saturday at the Malagwane Hill. This is a great loss to football as he was a very much supportive towards football development in the country considering the fact that he was one of the pioneers of the NFAs/Build it U 13’s football competition since its inception in 2005. Mr. Cassim Ismail was a great supporter of the development of junior players in the country.


Like the rest of the public, the NFAS still cannot comprehend the dreadful tragedy but believe that God Almighty will afford solace and reassurance to all affected at such a depressing instant. The NFAS, at this instance, express its symbol of solidarity and best wishes of recovery to all affected and speedily recovery to all affected families, society and establishments from his demise.

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