As part of its infrastructure and football development initiatives, the site inspection of the National Football Association of Swaziland's (NFAS) KaLanga Project was done on Monday, 25th September 2017. Present during this event was the Vice President of the NFAS; Mr. Peter Simelane,Members of the Executive Committee of the NFAS, Lugongolweni Member of Parliament (MP); Mr Joseph Sauza, Indvuna YeMphakatsi of KaLanga; Mr Solomon Mhambi Mbingo, Representatives of the Land and Management Board, Representatives of the Regional Administration Office just to name a few. This project is for the construction of the new Technical Centre of the NFAS and will be done by Total Concrete Solutions and Homeboys Construction.

 When making his remarks, the Vice President of the NFAS; Mr. Peter Simelane, thanked the KaLanga Chiefdom for offering the land to the NFAS for such an important project as it will be part of the development initiatives  within the area. "On behalf of the NFAS, I would like to thank the KaLanga Chiefdom for this land as this is a vital project that will also develop this area", said the Vice President. He also pleaded to the constructors to prioritize the people of KaLanga in as far as employment opportunities are concerned so that they also benefit from this project.

 Also making his remark, was Mr. Solomon Mhambi Mbingo (Indvuna YeMphakatsi) who thanked the NFAS for choosing KaLanga for this vital project. "We would like to thank the NFAS for choosing KaLanga for this project as the football association could have chosen other places", he said. He also acknowledged the NFAS for its quick reaction in as far as the implementation process is concerned, as this site inspection symbolizes the beginning of the project. The Lugongolweni MP; Mr Joseph Souza echoed the Indvuna YeMphakatsi's words as he thanked the NFAS for this project and also pleaded to the constructors to employ people from KaLanga are and the surroundings first inorder to maximize the benefits of this project in the area.

According to the architecture; Mr. Zwelithini Mahlalela, this project includes a playing ground, two dressing rooms, referees rooms, first aid room, hall and the administration block just to mention a few.

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