The 2017/2018 MTN Premier League was officially launched at the Mahlalekhikhini House in Ezulwini which is the Head Office of the mobile network company with a sponsorship of Four Million and Ninety Seven, Six Hundred and eighty –four Emalangeni only (E4 097 684.00). This event marks the official kick-off of the 2017/2018 MTN Premier League and National First Division competitions. Present during this event was the President of the National Football association of Swaziland (NFAS); Senator Adam Mthethwa, Chairman of the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS); Mr. Victor Gamedze, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Swaziland; Mr Ambrose Dlamini and the Consumer Officer of MTN Swaziland; Mr Sam Shongwe, just to mention a few.

When marking his remarks, the President of the NFAS, expressed the football association’s gratitude towards the sponsor, MTN Swaziland for her investment towards football development in the country. “As the core business of the NFAS is to develop and regulate football in the country, I would like express our sincere gratitude to MTN Swaziland for her support towards football development in the country”, said the President of the NFAS. He also highlighted that such sponsorships enhances the football brand of the country in as far as the standard of play is concerned. The President concluded by expressing the football association’s appreciation in as far as the application of professionalism in the sport is concerned which will encourage more sponsors to invest in the game of billions.

The Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) also expressed her appreciation in as far as the partnership with MTN Swaziland is concerned. “As PLS, we are very much happy with our partnership with MTN Swaziland over the years, thus we very much recognize her effort as a brand and our sponsor”, said the Chairman of the PLS. also marking his remarks was PLS’s Executive Member; Mr. Mark Carmichael who also highlighted PLS’s gratitude towards MTN Swaziland for sponsoring the elite league in the country over the years. “Through MTN Swaziland, we are able to realize our aims and ambitions in football, thus credit must go to the MTN”, said Mark Carmichael. He also described the MTN Premier League as a competition that distinguishes the followers of the country’s football as it is more of a marathon.

Speaking on behalf of MTN Swaziland was Mr Ambrose Dlamini who expressed the sponsor’s excitement in partnering with football over the years. “as MTN Swaziland, we thank and appreciate the football family for the partnership, thus as a sponsor we take pride of being involved in football in the country and in sports in general”, said the CEO of MTN Swaziland. The Consumer Officer for NTN Swaziland; Mr. Sam Shongwe highlighted that the sponsor has invested over Twenty- Five Million Emalangeni (E25 000 000.00) in Swazi football through PLS. Football fans were not left out by the sponsor as fan engagement initiatives will be implemented by the sponsor as a way of motivating them to go and watch the matches in the stadiums though out the competition. The media was also acknowledged for the significant role that they play throughout the football season.

The Public Relations Officers (PROs) of the respective clubs under the PLS also acknowledged MTN Swaziland for her investment in the game of football over the years. Speaking on their behalf was Mr Frank Hurube who pledged the clubs’ support in as far as the marriage between PLS and MTN Swaziland is concerned. He also pleaded to the clubs to compete in good conduct and in the spirit of fair play.

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