The current FIFA Chief of Global Development Mr. Arsène Wenger once said “At a young age, winning is not the most important thing. The important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence.” Through the hosting of Mozambique on Saturday, 19th August 2023 under the Technical Development Scheme (TDS), the EFA provided a wonderful platform for the Eswatini and Mozambican child to develop here talent.

The talented U15 girls and boys under this programme got the opportunity to play international football as part of their development. A total of twelve (12) matches were played on the day with a summation of thirty (30) goals scored. Each country had two teams on both sections (girls and boys). Present during this event was EFA’s Technical Development Committee (TDC) Members amongst others.

“The future looks bright with the implementation of such football development programme. The TDS is for the talented child, and this shows that there is a lot of talent out there that needs to be nurtured. Let me applaud the EFA for hosting this event and this is a good investment for the future,” Letsoaki said.

The EFA’s Technical Director Mr. Bhekisisa Mkhonta applauded FIFA for her investment towards football development and highlighted the significance of hosting such events. “First, let me acknowledge FIFA’s efforts towards the development of football. Such events are key in as far as player development is concerned as playing international opponents at this age enhances player development,” Mkhonta said.

Mozambique teams were the champions of this tournament on both girls and boys sections and for their efforts, they got two trophies and gold medals.

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