The Eswatini Football Association President Mr. Peter Simelane met with the members of the media on Tuesday afternoon where he updated them about the current EFA business. This gathering was held at Sigwaca House in Mbabane and it provided a perfect opportunity for the media to ask the EFA President and the General Secretary about the overall EFA business.

In his remarks, the EFA President highlighted on issues that touched on governance, infrastructure, football development programmes and national teams.


Under this item, the President assured the media that the EFA is properly governed as the is a constitution and policies in place. “The EFA have a constitution and policies that guide the governance of the organisation”, Simelane said. He also alluded that the EFA is currently developing a four-year strategic plan. As for the management of finances as most of the EFA funds come from FIFA; the President stated that the organisation applies the FIFA Forward Regulations and the Contract of Agreed Objectives. Also, the organisation is being audited twice a year. “As most of the funds comes from FIFA, the EFA applies the FIFA Forward Regulations and the Contract of Agreed Objectives. The organisation is also audited twice per year and that being the internal audit and the central review”, Simelane said. He also highlighted that the sourcing of sponsorships is a priority for the organisation when it comes to revenue generation in order to maximise the implementation of football development programmes like the execution of the U20 COSAFA Cup that was successfully hosted last year. “Sponsorships are key when it comes to revenue generation as it enhances the execution of football development programmes as you may recall that last year we had sponsors that assisted us during the execution of the U20 COSAFA Cup”, the EFA President said. “It must also be noted that yearly, the organisation hosts a General Assembly where it reports about the activities and finances to the Delegates” Simelane said.


The EFA President highlighted that the infrastructure development is very key in as far as football development is concerned. “Infrastructure development is very important when it comes to football development. The EFA have its Head Office and commercial wing in Mbabane, Technical Centre in Lobamba, Nhlangano and Mkhuzweni which is almost ready for usage”, Simelane said. The next project will be the construction of another technical centre in Manzini. The issue of grandstands is something that the EFA is considering as some of the technical centres are used for the execution of competitions due to the insufficient facilities in the country.

Football Development Programmes

Football development is the main mandate of the EFA. Most of the football development programmes were disturbed by the Covid-19 pandemic; however, they are now steadily coming back. “ Post Covid, football development programmes are back. These are the Build it U13 Football Development Programme, Pick n Pay U15 Football Development Programme, U20 Girls’ Schools Development Programme amongst others”, Simelane Said. The EFA is also funding the U19 PLE League and the Women Football League.

 National Teams

The EFA President stated that the national teams are active. When it comes to the selection of players for the national teams, the EFA President highlighted that the coaches choose the players autonomously. “We don’t interfere in the selection of the players for any national team, Simelane said.


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