The Build it U13 Buhleni championship was won by Bulandzeni Community FC after coming up triumphant in the finals against Mvuma Hotspurs FC by 3-1 on Saturday at Buhlani Sports Ground. A total of sixteen matches were played on the day in  nine-aside matches where-by eight teams competed for the championship.

According to Khanya Ndlovu, the Managing Director of Build it Buhleni, they are very much exited on the manner in-which the tournament was executed and as sponsors view this football development programme as a platform that provide the essential exposure to the youngsters. “As an overall, the tournament went very well and such football development programmes are important as they provide the essential exposure for the youngsters. With the Technical Development Scheme in place, we hope the identified from this programme will have a perfect platform to develop even further”, Ndlovu said.

On urging the parents to support the youngsters, Ndlovu encouraged them to give these children maximum support as football can be their career. “Parents must be acknowledged for their efforts of upbringing  this youngsters; however, more effort is also needed in terms of supporting these children as they play football. This sport can be their career”, Ndlovu said. He also highlighted that the sport does teach the children that nothing comes for free in life. “Through football, the children can learn that nothing comes for free in life. Hard work, commitment and dedication are the essential ingredients that makes one to be successful in life”, Ndlovu said.

Lwanele Ndzinisa who plays for Bulandzeni Community FC was chosen as the best player of the tournament. He also expressed his excitement about this award and thanked his coach and teammates for his achievement. “I an very happy for being the player of the tournament and I thank my coaches and teammates for this success”, Malindzisa said.

The next Build it U13 Chamipionship will be played at the Killarney Sports Ground in Piggs Peak on Saturday, 18th March 2023.

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