The Executive Committee Members of the Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has co-opted Ms Cindy Dludlu into the Executive Board of the football association. This is due to the non-election of a woman or female candidate at the recently concluded EFA Executive Committee Election 2021. She was co-opted during the EFA Executive Committee meeting that was held on the 27th July 2021 which made her the EFA Executive Committee Member with immediate effect, for the current period of the Executive Committee (2021-2025).

This implemented action is as per Article 35 (4) of the EFA Status which provides that; in the event a women or female candidate has not been elected into the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall co-opt a women as an additional member in compliance with the requirement for Executive Committee Members as prescribed in Article 35(6) of the EFA Statutes. Ms. Dludlu, also successfully passed the eligibility verification process conducted by the EFA Ethics Committee, as foreseen by the EFA Electoral Code for all members of the Executive Committee.

EFA beliefs that with her vast experience in the football game coupled with her professional proficiency, she will augment value and diversity to its governance, administration and development. The football association also congratulates her on her co-option and into the Executive Committee and supplementary extends her best biddings of prosperity as she extends her executes her accountabilities in the governance, administration and development of the game of football.

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