CIRCULAR No. 188 (EFA Strategic Planning Workshop)
CIRCULAR No. 189 (EFA Strategic Planning Workshop Venue)
CIRCULAR No. 190 ( Closure of EFA Offices for 2022 Festive Season)
CIRCULAR NO. 191 (2nd Window Registration Period 2022_2023
CIRCULAR NO. 192 (Guide on Covid-19 Implementation during competitions)
CIRCULAR No. 195 Registration of Players & Clubs for 2023-2023 Season
CIRCULAT No. 196 (Return to normal football season)
CIRCULAR No. 197 (Compulsory FIFA-Connect Registration)
CIRCULAR No. 198 (CLOP Execution)
CIRCULAR No. 204 (Suspension of football Competitions matches & Events for National Elections)
CIRCULA No.208 ( Exclusive 1st Window 2023-2024 Registration Extension for Amateurs)
CIRCULAR No. 209 (Extension of Standing Committees Mandate)
CIRCULAR No. 210 (Application of EFA Course and Workshops)
CIRCULAR No. 211 (OGA 2023 Minutes)
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