The E18 Million sponsorship by Eswatini MTN to football through the PLS has bought joy to the football family. This was confirmed by the NFAS Vice President Peter Simelane and Chairman of the PLS Mark Carmichael. The Vice President of the NFAS stated that Eswatini MTN has provided the platform for football growth. “Eswatini MTN has provided a great platform for football growth”, Simelane said. Due to the good investment that the Y’ello family is providing to the football family, he also promised Eswatini MTN that football as a family will support and protect the MTN brand.

On the other hand, the PLS Chairman shared the joy of PLS as a result of this sponsorship and also promised the Y’ello family that the football family will uplift the MTN brand. “As PLS and football family, we are over the moon as a result of this sponsorship and we promise to uplift your brand through football”, Carmichael said. The Chairman also highlighted that such sponsorship enhances club licensing as football is more than just a sport but it’s an industry.

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